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Join Exclusive Solar Systems in bringing solar to your region by sharing the power of clean less costly electricity with your friends, family and neighbors.
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Step 1: Provide Exclusive Solar Systems with the names and phone numbers of your friends, family, and neighbors that may be able to benefit from solar savings. You can do this by sharing this information with your Exclusive Solar consultant during your appointment or by visiting or by contacting us at 1.888.SOLR101.

Step 2: Your friend goes solar with Exclusive Solar and starts saving money with their new solar electric system, all thanks to you!

Step 3:  You provide Exclusive Solar a completed IRS Form W-9 so that we can send you your Referral Reward!

Step 4:  Exclusive Solar mails you a Check for each Referral as a thank you for sharing the power of solar with your friends! Your reward will arrive within 4 weeks of your friend's solar install, as long as we have your IRS Form W-9 on file.

Referral Rewards

1st qualified referral in a calendar year, you will receive

2nd qualified referral in a calendar year, you will receive

3rd qualified referral in a calendar year, you will receive

4th qualified referral in a calendar year, you will receive

5th ​qualified referral in a calendar year, you will receive




10 Referrals = $8,500
Remember there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the rewards you can collect.

* Exclusive Solar will issue to you a IRS form 1099 for the amount of the referral reward if you exceed more than $699 in referral rewards in a calendar year. Exclusive Solar will not withhold any taxes on your behalf. You are responsible for determining whether you owe any tax, and to pay any and all taxes in connection with the referral reward. Exclusive Solar cannot replace gift or cash cards that are lost or stolen. The promotion can not be combined with any other Exclusive Solar offers or discounts, and the terms and contitions of the promotions are subject to change at any time without notice. The promotion is made solely by Exclusive Solar. All rights reserved. Exclusive Solar is a registered trademark of Exclusive Solar Inc or its affiliates.